Terms of Service

Thank you for reading our Terms of Service. Please read this document carefully.

These Customer Terms of Service (the "Customer Terms") describe your rights and responsibilities when using the website CodeStop.io (the "Website") and the programming courses it provides (the "Courses").

Who We Are

CodeStop.io is an online platform that provides free and paid courses in software scripting and programming. CodeStop.io is a product of Hireplicity ("We").

Who May Use our Services

You may use our Services only if you can form a binding contract with Hireplicity, and only in compliance with the Customer Terms and all applicable laws. When you create your CodeStop account, and subsequently when you use certain features, you must provide us with accurate and complete information, and you agree to update your information to keep it accurate and complete. The use or access of codestop.io and its Service is for individuals of age 12 and above.

The Information and Content You Submit

You may submit messages, comments, or files on codestop.io; or other information or content. We do our best to keep your information and content secure. Some information and content may be publicly visible on the Website. To know more, view our Privacy Policy.

Paid Courses

You may purchase a paid programming course through the Website's Checkout Interface. The Checkout Interface walks you through the process of purchasing a paid course.

Upon payment, you can access a paid course for a period of one year. The one-year duration commences when we make a paid course available to you. That period will end on the same date and month in the year that follows.

Each subscription is for a single Customer for a specified term and is personal to that Customer. We have the right to terminate an account if we deem that it has been used by multiple individuals.

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars. You are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes in a timely manner with a payment method associated with the applicable paid courses. We may terminate access to a paid course for accounts that have payments that are past due. However, such accounts will remain active and can still access our free courses. Refunds may be available for paid courses as described in our Refund Policy.

We Encourage Feedback

We can make our Services better through your feedback. If you send us a feedback or suggestion, there is a chance we will use it to enhance our Service or Website. You grant us an unlimited, irrevocable, perpetual, sublicensable, transferable, royalty-free license to use any such feedback or suggestion for any purpose without any obligation or compensation to you.

We may choose to not implement your feedback or suggestion. If we do, please do not take it personally. We encourage your continued feedback.

Creating and Using Accounts through Facebook and Google Plus

You may use third-party services from Google Plus and Facebook to set up your account. To know what information Google provides when you sign in to a third-party website, see Google Account Help. To know what information Facebook provides and collects when you sign in to a third-party website, see Data Policy.

Course Modifications

We designed our courses to standards that we deem is best for the goals we want to achieve -- that of developing practical programming skills. However, there might be instances that we have to modify our courses. CodeStop reserves the right to cancel, interrupt, or reschedule any course or to modify any course content.

No Academic Credit

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated by a credit-granting institution, the courses at CodeStop do not confer any academic credit. Even if credit is granted by one institution, there is no presumption that other institutions will accept that credit. CodeStop and the course authors have no obligation to provide a course recognized by any educational institution or accreditation organization.


We care about the security of your account. While we work to protect the security of your account and related information, We cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to defeat our security measures. If you believe that your information has been compromised or that there has been an unauthorized use of your account, immediately send an email to security@codestop.io.

Improvement of Service

CodeStop is committed to enhancing the quality of the courses we provide. We may use records of your participation in courses to improve our course content.

Modifying and Terminating our Services

We constantly take efforts to make our Service better. We may add or remove functions, features, or requirements, and we may suspend or stop a course altogether. Accordingly, CodeStop may terminate your use of a paid course for reasons We deem justifiable. If your use of a paid Service is terminated, we may provide a refund under certain circumstance as stated in our Refund Policy. If you wish to discontinue a course at any time, you may do so, although we'll be sorry to see you go.

Revisions to the Terms

CodeStop reserves the right to revise the Terms, as we see fit, at any time. Any revision to the Terms will be effective immediately upon posting by us. We will take reasonable steps to notify you of material changes to the Terms. In all cases, your continued use of the courses and access to codestop.io after publication of such changes, with or without notification, constitutes binding acceptance of the revised Terms.

Severability; Waiver

If it turns out that a particular provision of these Terms is not enforceable, this will not affect any other terms. You agree to comply with the Terms. We may not immediately take action for non-compliance of these terms. However, this does not indicate that we relinquish any rights or decline to take action in the future.

Notice for California Users

Under California Civil Code Section 1789.3, California website users are entitled to the following specific consumer rights notice: The Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs may be contacted in writing at 1625 N. Market Blvd., Suite S-202, Sacramento, California 95834, or by telephone at (800) 952-5210.

Acceptable Use Policy

CodeStop's mission is to provide high-quality programming courses to young people and individuals with no experience or background in programming. We priced our courses competitively to make learning accessible to as many people as possible. Coding is creating. We can be creative in a platform that encourages free speech and respect for everyone.

We want to make sure that visitors, users, and learners feel safe and comfortable when using our Services. We drafted these guidelines towards that goal. We expect everyone who accesses codestop.io and its Services to comply to these guidelines.

We may remove or edit content or activity that are we deem inappropriate. We may also suspend, disable, or terminate a user's access to the Website and all or part of the Services.

You are prohibited from using our Services to share content that:

  • Contains illegal content or promotes illegal activities. Please keep in mind that learners who are as young as 12 use CodeStop, and we do not allow content that is inappropriate for these younger learners.
  • Contains credible threats or organizes acts of real-world violence. We don’t allow content that creates a genuine risk of physical injury or property damage, credibly threatens people or public safety, or organizes or encourages harm.
  • Harasses others. We do not allow abusive or otherwise inappropriate content directed at individuals.
  • Violates intellectual property, privacy, or other rights. Only share content that you have the right to share. Do not claim content that you did not create as your own, or otherwise infringe or misappropriate someone else’s intellectual property or other rights. Always attribute materials used or quoted by you to the original copyright owner.
  • Spams others. Do not share irrelevant or inappropriate advertising, promotional, or solicitation content.

You also aren't allowed to:

  • Do anything that violates local, state, national or international law or breaches any of your contractual obligations or fiduciary duties.
  • Share your password, let anyone access your account, or do anything that might put your account at risk.
  • Attempt to access any other user's account.
  • Reproduce, transfer, sell, resell, or otherwise misuse any content from our Services, unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Access, tamper with, or use non-public areas of our systems, unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Break or circumvent our authentication or security measures or otherwise test the vulnerability of our systems or networks, unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Try to reverse engineer any portion of our Services.
  • Try to interfere with any user, host, or network, for example by sending a virus, overloading, spamming, or mail-bombing.
  • Use our Services to distribute malware.
  • Impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.
  • Encourage or help anyone do any of the things on this list.

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