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    Nearly 1 million programming jobs will go unfulfilled in 2020!
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  • Classroom Integration

    Integrate your school district in minutes with Google Classroom or any LMS/SIS, or API, or data extract.
  • Equity

    Provide equal learning opportunities for all of your students.
    Implement the K12 Computer Science Framework and Standards.

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According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 557,100 IT-related positions are expected to be created by 2026. Schools are not adequately preparing students with hands-on skills needed to succeed like using version control systems, building full-stack applications, mobile applications, data analysis, and building scalable systems in the cloud. And while "pop computing" tools can provide an excellent introduction to some programming concepts, students are often left unable to translate these skills into industry practices. CodeStop fills this gap by teaching modern skills needed for college and career readiness. Our interactive, collaborative, and step-by-step learning platform with certification and partnership with Hireplicity ensures that all students are receiving the best possible opportunities.

K-12 Computer Science Standards Alignment

The CodeStop Curriculum adopts California K12 Computer Science Standards and incorporates concepts and practices from the Computer Science Framework to ensure equal and effective learning opportunities for all students. Our step-by-step interactive content works well in classroom settings, after school programs, bootcamps, and for individual study.

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