Instructor Optional

Our platform and curriculum are designed to provide students with immediate feedback on their code with or without instructor assistance in classrooms, bootcamps, after-school programs, vocational centers, and more.

Real-world & Hands-on

CodeStop curriculum teaches students programming skills through iterative problem-solving. The content includes multiple choice, code response challenges, debugging, group work, and creative projects. Our browser-based code editor which doesn't require additional software allows students to have real-time collaboration, verify their answers, and learn vocational skills.

STEM, Computer Science Framework
and K12 Standards

All courses adopt CS Framework Concepts and Practices and are aligned to California K12 CS Standards. These ensure students to have a valuable education and are prepared for STEM studies and ultimately career readiness Computer Science.


Beyond adopting Computer Science Framework Concepts and Practices, Codestop's curriculum and content have been thoroughly tested to ensure the accessibility of the user's needs. Classroom implementation ensures students of all economic backgrounds and ethnicities receive equal learning opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries.

Quick Integration & Setup

CodeStop can quickly integrate school districts using any LMS, SIS, or API including Google Classroom, Clever, PowerSchools, Illuminate Education, and more. The custom classroom set up is done by inviting students through email using the teacher classroom interface.

Parent Portal

Keep parents engaged through the Parent Portal with notifications, messaging, progress monitoring, and the ability to download CodeStop completion certificates.

Student-Teacher and
Student-Student Messaging

Students can collaborate and learn with teacher-monitored messaging built right into the CodeStop platform which offers a quick and easy way to get the teacher's assistance.

Classroom Management

With built-in dashboards and formative assessment tools, teachers can monitor student progress which the student needed to succeed. Additionally, teachers are provided with efficient tools for managing student lists and assigning homework.

Online Help

CodeStop provides top-notch support for students through an interactive help system. Professional educators and programmers adhere to ensure student success.


Students can keep track of up to date topics and ideas with a built-in note-taking tool, which is available 24/7.

Group Work & Custom Assignments

Our Integrated Development Environment allows students to collaborate in real-time with messaging and notes. Teachers can also create custom assignments, which allows students to demonstrate their problem-solving skills outside of CodeStop's curriculum.


Potential employers in the Computer Science industry will have direct access to participating students' performance and curriculum completion through the CodeStop certificates.

Job Readiness

CodeStop partners with Hireplicity, a software development and tech recruiting company. CodeStop certificates are digitally integrated and endorsed by Hireplicity to ensure job placement for students at least 18 years of age interested in entering the workforce.